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* White, mixed colors.
* Paint is divided into, wooden paint, ordinary paint, high quality paint, waterproof paint,
* Paint all rooms, including kitchen, bathroom, (not including ceiling, balcony and outdoor).
* We also provide wall mending, filling nail holes, repairing cracks and seams (extra charge).


Aed 200



  • 200 AED (Studio/Apt ceiling only)

  • 500 AED (Studio/Apt walls only )

  • 700 AED (Studio/Apt Walls and Ceiling)

  • 1,150 AED (2 BR Apt.)

  • 1,650 AED (3 BR Apt.)

  • 1,900 AED (4 BR Apt.)

  • 1,350 AED (2 BR Villa)

  • 1,950 AED (3 BR Villa.)

  • 2,700 AED (4 BR Villa.)

  • 3,000 AED (5 BR Villa.)

Note:(use for each part)
* We will provide a grace period of 10 minutes, and the fee for the next period will be charged if exceed 10 minutes.
* We will charge 50AED If the customer decide to cancel the service or reschedule the work hours after our staff arriving your location,
* We will charge 50AED per hour If you need us to provide services on national public holidays or after 6 pm.
*We will offer 20% discount If you sign long-term cooperation with us,
* The invoice will be subject to 5% VAT.

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